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Herd Services

myDNA Testing

Make the calving period less stressful, and herd records more accurate.

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Herd Testing

Herd testing is a valuable way of identifying the high and low performers in your herd.

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AB Technician Service

CRV AB Technicians provide a first-rate, reliable service.

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A2 Testing: Nasal Swab

Identify your A2/A2 cows to get you started towards breeding a A2/A2 herd.

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CRV Storage Bank Offer

CRV Hire Unit offer

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Herd Management Tools


CRV’s solution to Herd Recording. With myHERD you can optimise the potential of your herd.

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SireMatch is a powerful breeding support product to get the most out of your herd.

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Ear Tags and Heat Detection

Ear Tags

CRV offers competitively priced quality ear tag products for dairy farmers. Choose from Allflex, Z Tags and Leader.

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CRV Estrotect™ Breeding Indicators provides farmers with a Breed / Don’t Breed indicator.

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Heat Detection

Accurate heat detection is critical to the success of artificial breeding (AB). Farmers want it to be easy to correctly select animals on heat.

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Bull selection

Nominated Bulls

Nominated genetics gives you unlimited choice from our best domestic and global sires to meet your individual goals for your herd.

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CRV Bull Teams

Get value for money and save time by using CRV's Accelerate Pack, Health and Efficiency team, or Platinum team.

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Accelerate Pack

Access sexed genetics at cost effective prices

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Progeny Test

New Zealand dairy farmers develop generations of daughter proven sires as part of the CRV progeny test programme.

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Open Market Bull Calf

Every year CRV is on the look out for calves to add to our breeding programme.

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