Health and Efficiency Team

Health and efficiency bull team

A team tailored for you

  • Save time
  • Choice of breeds
  • Boost the health and efficiency of your herd

A well-balanced team to future-proof your business.

Let us build the ‘A’ team for you. Get the best of both worlds with the simplicity of ordering a team, that has all the traits needed to ensure your herd is the best for your business.

The balance between health and efficiency is what makes CRV’s breeding programme so unique. A healthy, trouble-free herd that efficiently converts feed into milk, guarantees high lifetime production. Achieving this balance is key to sustainable milk production and creating a better life for cows and farmers.

View the 2023 Health and Efficiency Bull teams

View the 2023 A2A2 Health and Efficiency Bull teams

A team tailored for you

CRV Health and Efficiency bull team

Choose your team:

Health and Efficiency bull teams options

Teams offer

  • Higher milk production
  • Improved feed efficiency
  • Great fertility
  • Longer lasting cows
  • Lower somatic cell count
  • Longer lasting udders

Along with, great value

  • Save time, while also building the quality of your herd.

A2 team options are available on request. Talk to your sales consultant about your options.

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