About CRV

About CRV

Leading in Health and Efficiency

  • Breed the herd you love to milk

About CRV

We believe that better cows lead to a better life for farmers, their herds, and the world around us. CRV can help you breed healthier and more efficient cows so you can build the best possible herd – a herd you love to milk, that helps you achieve your goals.

Breeding for health and efficiency

The balance between health and efficiency is what makes CRV's breeding programme so unique. A healthy, trouble-free herd that efficiently converts feed into milk, guarantees high lifetime production.

Breeding for health and efficiency
Breeding for health and efficiency

CRV - providing solutions for your herd

CRV has a range of solutions to help you unlock your herd's potential. Ask a local sales consultant to tailor a package of solutions to suit your farm.

Solutions for your herd

CRV - delivering a history of firsts in New Zealand

1969 - A small group of like-minded farmers create Animal Breeding Services (a predecessor to CRV NZ).

1970 - The founders begin operating a bull centre. It's the first privately owned company in NZ to operate a licensed artificial insemination (AI) centre.

2000 - NZ's first crossbred sire Amadeus, a J12F4, is released to market.

2008 - NZ-proven sexed semen introduced, another first for the industry.

2011 - First to introduce facial eczema tolerant genetics.

2014 - Bellevue production and logistics centre opened. All bulls collected at Bellevue meet EU standards.

2016 - First to introduce homozygous polled genetics to New Zealand.

2022 - Launch of the Genus IntelliGen Lab - our first dedicated sexed semen facility to meet CRV needs.

Sexed semen facility

CRV quick facts

  • CRV was founded in the Netherlands in 1874 and has operated in New Zealand for more than 50 years.
  • CRV provides support to 60,000 customers across 50 countries. Globally, a CRV calf is born every six seconds.
  • With access to experts across the globe CRV can offer New Zealand farmers world-leading products and services
CRV calf