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About CRV

We believe that better cows lead to a better life for farmers, their herds, and the world around us. CRV can help you breed healthier and more efficient cows so you can build the best possible herd – a herd you love to milk.


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myDNA Testing

DNA testing your herd has many benefits, such as the correct mothering of young stock, and the development of more accurate herd records. As we move further into the world of genomics, farmers will be able to receive genomic breeding values for their herd. If you want to maximize the benefits from myDNA, now is the time to act.
CRV, leading in health and efficiency

CRV Health

With the best bulls for CRV Health, you will breed cows that get pregnant easily, have lower somatic cell counts and suffer less from mastitis.

CRV Efficiency

With the best bulls for CRV Efficiency you will breed a herd that is more productive, has a higher longevity and higher feed efficiency.