myDNA Testing

myDNA Testing

Future proof your business

  • Make better breeding decisions
  • Predict future performance
  • Prevent mismothering

Increase the value of your herd data

By DNA testing with CRV, you are one step closer to adding value to your business.

With one sample, myDNA allows you test your cows for:

  • Parentage
  • Polled
  • A2
  • BVD
  • Genomic breeding values

With myDNA, you can confidently select your best replacement animals, allocate sexed semen to genetically superior cows, and increase the rate of genetic gain in your herd. DNA also makes calving much easier by matching calves back to dams - no need to mother calves in the paddocks, saving time and money.

The world we farm in continues to change but myDNA can help provide certainty when it comes to your herd and give you confidence in your decisions. With CRV you will only need to test once to unlock your animals information.

Reasons to DNA test with CRV

  • Accelerate genetic gain - correctly identify animals in your herd to make more informed long-term decisions.
  • Reduce stress at calving - no need to mother calves in the paddock, instead you’ll have the data at your fingertips.
  • It’s fast - testing an average herd will take our technicians less than a day. Check out the video of one of our highly trained technicians in action.
  • Add value to your herd - the upfront investment is far outweighed by the value you’ll gain over time, with faster improvement in your herd, and time savings. Plus, for whole herd testing, interest free finance options are available.

Figure 1 - Mismothering
Figure 1 - Mismothering

Research shows that greater than 25% of calves in NZ are mismothered. With the cost of breeding a replacement sitting at approximately $1,800 per animal, it's important you can bring in the new season's calves with confidience.

myDNA: providing confidence at calving

DNA testing removes some of the stress at calving and the process for testing is easy – we just tagged the calves as they came in.
Mark Brown, Waikato dairy farmer

Get started with myDNA

Getting started with myDNA is easy. DNA test your whole herd at the same time, or build up the DNA profile of your herd over time.

Steps to get started with myDNA

Steps to get started with CRV myDNA testing

BVD testing

The myDNA service also offers BVD testing. You can do this as part of your myDNA parentage test with an add-on BVD option or as a standalone test.

Tissue sampling is a good option for beef or young animals that are not lactating to identify persistently infected animals and prevent the spread of a disease that impacts around 80% of New Zealand's dairy and beef herds.

myDNA Genomics

myDNA genomics

myDNA genomics offers the most comprehensive information on your animals. Genomics is a powerful technology that more accurately predicts the performance of animals over their lifetime. This allows for more informed decisions at an earlier age.

Basing decisions on little or inaccurate data slows down genetic gain and reduces your return on investment. DNA testing allows you to make better decisions from the beginning of an animal’s life.

Parent average breeding values have low reliability because inheritance of parent genes are random. Looking at the animal’s own DNA (genomics) results in more reliable predications of performance.

The genomic predictions are based on New Zealand data so the breeding values are relevant to your situation.

myDNA Testing Options

CRV DNA testing options

myDNA Technician Service

We recommend using one our DNA technicians, however you can also hire equipment for DNA sampling.

Standalone A2 Testing

Want to know the Beta Casein Status of your young stock without the expense of a DNA test? Simply order the number of standalone A2 tests you require with your CRV Sales Consultant, take the swabs as below, and we will email you the results within 5 days of the lab receiving the samples.

Interested in DNA Testing your herd?

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