• Better Cows - myDNA

    By using DNA to identify the unique make-up of a dairy cow farmers can improve their herds by making more informed breeding decisions.
  • Facial Eczema

    Facial Eczema is a devastating disease that costs New Zealand dairy farmers hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost milk production each year. Not only is it costly in dollar terms, but it can also have severe implications for animal health. In this episode, CRV’s Mitchell Koot is joined by CRV head geneticist Phil Beatson and VetEnt vet and research head, Emma Cuttance. Listen as they discuss why FE is such a concern for our dairy industry, and the short and longer term options available to manage it.
  • Flexible Milking

    Podcast: Dairy farmers and their staff spend about 50% of their time milking. Milking times have a big impact on the structure of the working day.
  • The Latest on Animal Evaluation 2021

    Podcast: NZAEL manager Brian Wickham gives us an update on the new animal evaluation system in 2021 and what dairy farmers can expect over the coming months.
  • 2021 Herd Solutions Catalogue

    Podcast: CRV’s latest bull team offers more than just high index. The 2021 line-up responds to farmer demand for genetic solutions to tackle challenges around the environment, herd efficiency and animal welfare. CRV has introduced a wide range of new sires to its portfolio for 2021, with 22 newly graduated sires and 15 new genomic InSires, in addition to 13 new sires in its global portfolio. Rosana chats to our Product Development and Product Manager Peter van Elzakker to find out more.