Facial Eczema

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CRV Facial Eczema Podcast

Facial Eczema is a devastating disease that costs New Zealand dairy farmers hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost milk production each year.

Not only is it costly in dollar terms, but it can also have severe implications for animal health.

In this episode, CRV’s Mitchell Koot is joined by CRV head geneticist Phil Beatson and VetEnt vet and research head, Emma Cuttance.

Listen as they discuss why FE is such a concern for our dairy industry, and the short and longer term options available to manage it.

Phil Beatson

Phil Beatson - CRV head geneticist

Phil has been with CRV for more than 20 years leading the company’s R&D efforts and is one of the most respected dairy geneticists in New Zealand.

Emma Cuttance - VetEnt vet and research head

Emma Cuttance - VetEnt vet and research head

Emma was initially a dairy vet with VetEnt in the Waikato, but has been very involved with research for the past 10 years. She now is the head of VetEnt Research and carries out research on dairy cattle, sheep and beef, goats and working dogs primarily. Emma has spent approximately a decade now carrying out FE research and completed her masters degree on FE management.

Mitchell Koot - CRV genetics product manager

Mitchell Koot - CRV genetics product manager

Mitchell joined CRV after completing a Bachelor of Agricultural Science with 1st class Honours at Lincoln University in 2017. His study focussed on animal science, in particular dairy production science and genetics. He has a passion for improving the profitability of dairy herds through genetic gain.