The Latest on Animal Evaluation 2021

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The Latest on animal Evaluation

Podcast: NZAEL manager Brian Wickham gives us an update on the new animal evaluation system in 2021 and what dairy farmers can expect over the coming months.

We discuss the automatic transfer of data from your herd recording service provider to NZAEL. We talk about NZAEL’s new model for fertility evaluation and other traits being reviewed.

Lastly, Brian talks about NZAEL’s efforts to ensure data quality, its work with breeding societies and the National Breeding Objective review.


About The Panel

Brian Wickham

Brian Wickham, Manager NZAEL

Brian is the NZAEL Manager. In his role, Brian consults with industry and in conjunction with the board sets the direction of research and development for NZAEL, and liaises with service providers to ensure that research and implementation are carried out and evaluation results are communicated in an appropriate manner.

Rosanna Dickson

Rosanna Dickson – Upper North Island Sales Manager

Rosanna Dickson was raised on the Awhitu Pennisula and has always been a country girl. She joined the dairy industry in 2013. Before that, she worked in FMCG and spent ten years in radio advertising, surviving the global financial crisis of 2008.

Despite being a qualified Chartered Accountant, Rosanna quickly picked up the intricacies of bull traits and semen collection after joining CRV. Her passion is finding the right solution for NZ dairy farmers. Not just products and services but understanding the key business drivers to ensure farms are profitable, environmentally sustainable and are protecting our “Licence to Farm”.

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