Using breeding to achieve your farming goals

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Mark van Beek talks on using breeding to achieve his farming goals

How can a healthy and efficient dairy herd unlock the potential of your farm business? Listen to find out more.

Our host Anne-Marie Case-Miller is joined by CRV product development manager Peter Van Elzakker and West Coast farmer Mark Van Beek to discuss how breeding can help you achieve your farming goals.

We talk about a healthy and efficient herd, and the importance of tailoring your breeding programme to help unlock the potential of your farm business.

About the panel

Mark van Beek

Mark van Beek

Mark and his wife Debbie milk 390 cows, producing around 400kgMS per cow on 300 hectares in Hokitika on the West Coast.

They started on the farm as sharemilkers and have been working to improve the genetics in their herd. They have previously been part of CRV’s Sire Proven scheme and have used SireMatch.

Farming in wet conditions, often with less-than-optimal pasture, Mark and Debbie chase health, longevity and ease of management in their cows to improve their profitability. They use a three-way cross of Friesian, Jersey and Ayrshire. They also want good feet, legs and udders and a capacious cow to suit West Coast conditions.

Peter van Elzakker

Peter van Elzakker

Peter was raised on a dairy farm in The Netherlands. A keen interest in anything to do with cows led him to study genetics and agricultural economics at Wageningen University.

Peter has worked for CRV since 1994 primarily in product management and sales roles in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Since 2012 he has been based in New Zealand, from where he has travelled extensively to South America, South Africa, USA and Europe offering technical support to the wider CRV team and promoting New Zealand Genetics.

Peter works with CRV’s New Zealand genetics team to produce the right grazing genetics and works with the company’s sales and marketing teams to promote these genetics in New Zealand and around the world.

Anne-Marie Case-Miller

Anne-Marie Case-Miller

Anne-Marie grew up on small-herd dairy farms in Hungahunga and Motumaoho owned by her parents – farming is in her DNA.

She spent many years as a broadcast journalist and is widely recognised for her extensive experience as an MC across entertainment, corporate and charity sectors.

Anne-Marie remains involved with agricultural journalism through roles within the dairy industry, is a member of Waikato Rugby Union Centenary Committee and a board member of the New Zealand Guild of Agricultural Journalists and Communicators.

Anne-Marie and her husband Justin have three energetic teenagers, two mad cats and a chihuahua x labrador dog called Bob. An active relaxer, Anne-Marie enjoys exercise and catching up with friends and family in her spare time.