• CRV signs exclusive agreement with NZ Wagyu

    An exclusive agreement between CRV and NZ Wagyu Corporation Limited will provide New Zealand dairy farmers with the opportunity to diversify their businesses and capitalise on high returns for Wagyu dairy beef.
  • Double Win for CRV Sires

    Two CRV bulls have been selected by breeding societies as the top Holstein Friesian and Jersey sires in the country for 2021.
  • Cow performance driving sire selection

    “In the past, many farmers ordered semen based on what they did the previous year,” he says. “Now, we are having discussions based on what farmers’ herd recording data is telling us about groups of animals in their herd and how we can make breeding decisions that will increase the value of their progeny. It’s a trend we’re seeing in the South Island and nationwide. “As a result, many farmers are now considering a wider range of options for their breeding programme, such as sexed semen, LowN sires, polled sires and alternative dairy beef breeds.”