Accelerate Pack


Unlock our best prices

  • Pay less for sexed semen
  • Accelerate your herd's genetic gain
  • Order in a pack or nominate

CRV's Accelerate Pack

Combine conventional and sexed semen to unlock our best prices and accelerate the genetic gain in your herd.

  • Accelerate Packs combine 20 percent sexed straws with 80 percent conventional dairy straws.
  • Pay less - save on sexed semen as part of the Accelerate Pack.
  • Use sexed semen in your best cows to produce quality replacements.

Available as:

Nominate Plus - you choose the bulls (as part of a 6+ bull team) and nominate 3+ sexed bulls from our catalogue.

Health and Efficiency Plus - let us choose the best team for you and choose 3+ sexed bulls from your chosen team.

Select sexed semen from the bulls within the Health and Efficiency teams.

*Minimum order size 250 straws

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CRV Bull Teams

Get value for money and save time by using CRV's Accelerate Pack, Health and Efficiency team, or Platinum team.