Open Market Bull Calf

Open market bull calf

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    Do you think you have a top bull calf out of one of your top cows and sired by a CRV local or global sire? Send in your bull calf nomination and we will be in touch!
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    What are we looking for?

    We are often asked “What is CRV’s selection criteria, what bulls are you looking for?” or “What is your BW cut off for bulls?” This is very difficult to answer as there are many parts to the equation.

    Particularly with our interest in progeny from international products/outcross polled genetics that are lower indexing but still very much of value for us to consider. CRV believes an elite animal is not solely measured by BW.

    Indexes (NZMI and BW) only give us an initial indication of desirable cows and bull calves, there are many other important factors we consider, these include;

    • Sire line-up/Outcross
    • Family Background/performance
    • Production of the dam in her contemporary group
    • Body and Udder Conformation
    • Long life attributes

    Who are my best cows?

    Cows you really want to have a heifer calf.

    The best cows in your herd can be identified in many ways;

    • Efficient producers of a high-value milk (ie; protein and fat)
    • Females from long-lasting cow families
    • Good in the shed
    • Fertile
    • Strong uddered

    Once I have offered a bull calf, what happens next?

    Once we receive your offered bull calf information, we have a turnaround time of 3-5 working days to let you know if your bull has or has not made the next stage of selection.

    If a bull is requested for genotyping, then a DNA request will be sent out via email, with instructions of how to take a DNA sample and where to send the sample for genotyping steps to begin.