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Estrotect™ Breeding Indicator

The newly redesigned ESTROTECT™ Breeding Indicator features breeding patch technology that indicates when cows are ready to breed, helps confirm pregnancies and provides pinpoint timing for AI protocols!

They are a 11cm x 4.5cm rectangular patch that is stuck on between the hip and the tail end of the cow. As mounting activity occurs, the ESTROTECT Breeding Indicator’s silver and black surface ink is rubbed off by the friction and will reveal the indicator colour (red/orange, green, blue, yellow or fuchsia).

Accurate Results

Estrotect breeding indicators come in 5 colours
  • Only one patch per cycle is required compared with alternative tail paints and paint sticks, which must be applied or touched up regularly.
  • While other detectors are activated by one mount (sometimes for as little as three seconds) CRV Estrotect™ Heat Detectors work gradually exposing the indicator colour, giving you more accurate results.
  • With the new Breeding Patch it’s very simple to use. Once the patch is 50% rubbed it’s time to breed.

Increase confirmed pregnancy rates

When activated the precision designed Breeding Patch indicates when cows are in optimal estrus to be bred. Third-party research has shown that when the breeding patch – or equivalent surface area – is rubbed off, confirmed pregnancy rates can be increased by up to three times!

Our 6-week in-calf rate improved by 7% with a few changes including using Estrotect.
Peter & Sarah Walters Sandel Ridge Farm Ltd, Whakamaru
With Estrotect, it’s obvious if a cow has been mounted and the detectors act gradually, exposing the indicator colour from 1 to 4.
Matthew Karl, Ohaupo
Better Herd Podcast

Podcast: Increasing Fertility By Decreasing Pregnancy Loss

University research has shown that the stronger the intensity of a cow’s estrous (heat), the better chance she has of holding her pregnancy. These findings could help New Zealand dairy farmers improve the fertility of their herd by having a heat detection plan in place to ensure animals are put up for AI when their estrous intensity is at its strongest.
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Know the Score

Know the score with Estrotect breeding indicators

The ESTROTECT™ Breeding Patch technology was born from university research. After testing the Breeding Patch on thousands of cows and heifers, researchers developed a patch scoring system with scores from 1 to 4.

Higher scores equate to higher estrus intensity and therefore, better chances for a successful pregnancy. Research showed that cows with scores 3 and 4, the equivalent of the Breeding Patch or greater, should be bred because they’ve reached peak estrus. In multiple studies from the U.S. and Brazil, pregnancy establishment increased and pregnancy loss decreased when the Breeding Patch was rubbed away.

Ultimately, the scoring system shows estrus intensity. The higher the estrus activity the higher are your chances of a successful pregnancy.

Help confirm Pregnancy Status

Here’s how you can use ESTROTECT Breeding indicators to help confirm pregnancy status in your herd:

After your AB breeding programme or after bulls are removed from the herd, apply ESTROTECT breeding indicators to your cows or heifers.

  • Monitor your cows daily over an 18-to-26-day period (the typical length of an estrous cycle in a cow).
  • If the ESTROTECT Breeding indicator has not been activated, there is a high likelihood the cow or heifer is pregnant. This can be confirmed with another test like ultrasound or milk testing after the end of the mating season.

If the ESTROTECT Breeding Indicator shows at least 50% of the fluorescent signal layer over this time, the cow has been mounted multiple times and is likely to not be pregnant.

Learn more about the science behind Estrotect at

Help confirm cow pregnancy status with Estrotect

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