Heat Detection

Heat Detection

Know when to breed

    Heat Detection is one of the most valuable activities of your farm management.

    Accurate heat detection is critical to the success of artificial breeding (AB). Farmers want it to be easy to correctly select animals on heat

    Improvement of whole herd fertility is in your hands. The clip below explains what is happening during the 24 hours of oestrus. Combine this with knowing the signs of cow behaviour, will help you achieve more accurate detection of heats. Heat detection aids, such as Estrotect, are just that – an aid in detecting heat.

    Watch: Heat detection tips in Dairy Cows

    Better Herd Podcast

    Podcast: Increasing Fertility By Decreasing Pregnancy Loss

    University research has shown that the stronger the intensity of a cow’s estrous (heat), the better chance she has of holding her pregnancy. These findings could help New Zealand dairy farmers improve the fertility of their herd by having a heat detection plan in place to ensure animals are put up for AI when their estrous intensity is at its strongest.
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    CRV Estrotect™ Breeding Indicators provides farmers with a Breed / Don’t Breed indicator.

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