Polled Genetics

Breed hornless calves

  • Less stress
  • Improved animal welfare
  • Save disbudding expense


CRV offers a team of local and overseas homozygous polled bulls. Homozygous (PP) polled bulls guarantee the birth of polled calves, meaning the progeny of polled bulls will not need disbudding. This saves time and expense and improves animal welfare with less stress on the calf.

Homozygous polled vs heterozygous polled in cows

When a bull has two copies of the polled gene (i.e. homozygous) you are guaranteed the bulls progeny will all be polled, because all of them will get one copy of the polled gene. Conversely, bulls with only one copy of the polled gene (i.e. heterozygous) does not guarantee polled progeny, but there is a 50% chance of progeny being polled.

The Better herd Podcast: Polled

Podcast: Future proofing with polled genetics

In this podcast, Okoroire farmer Floyd Smit joins CRV’s Jenna O’Sullivan and Rosanna Dickson to talk about breeding with Polled genetics. 70% of Floyd’s spring calves are bred using Polled genetics. Listen to find out why he is part of a growing trend.
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Farmers using genetics to breed hornless animals is a growing trend.

"Not having to dehorn calves is important to me in terms of animal welfare."
Floyd Smit, 370 cows, Okoroire

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