CRV Health

CRV Health

Fewer health issues require less treatments

  • Fertility
  • Udder Health

What is CRV Health?

With the best bulls for CRV Health, you will breed cows that get pregnant easily, have lower somatic cell counts and suffer less from mastitis. That means less antibiotic use.

How can CRV Health improve your herd?

CRV Health Building Blocks

CRV Health includes the following breeding values;

  • Fertility
  • Udder Overall
  • Condition Score
  • Capacity
  • Calving Difficulty
  • Overall Opinion
  • SCC
  • Longevity

The higher the CRV Health value, the higher the percentage of healthy animals compared to the population average. Cows with 5% CRV Health will improve every Health trait!

CRV Health Figures

Watch: CRV, breeding for a healthy herd

Understanding CRV Health and Efficiency

The building blocks of CRV Health and Efficiency explained.

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