CRV Efficiency

CRV Efficiency

More milk with the same amount of feed

  • Production
  • Longevity
  • Feed efficiency

What is CRV Efficiency?

With the best bulls for CRV Efficiency, you will breed a herd that is more productive, has higher longevity and higher feed efficiency. The result is a more efficient herd, resulting in a lower impact on the environment.

How can CRV Efficiency improve your herd?

CRV Efficiency Building Blocks

For many farmers, efficient production takes priority over maximum production. Efficiency means needing fewer raw materials (feed, chemical fertilizers) per kg of milk. This is better for the environment – and better for their bottom line too. Efficient production also means working with healthy animals with high longevity, particularly on dairy farms.

The breeding values making up CRV Efficiency include;

  • Milk
  • Protein
  • Fertility
  • Fat
  • Liveweight
  • Longevity
CRV Efficiency

Watch: CRV, breeding for an efficient herd

Understanding CRV Health and Efficiency

The building blocks of CRV Health and Efficiency explained.

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