LowN Sires

Reduce Milk Urea Nitrogen

  • Reduce MUN
  • CRV Exclusive
  • Environmental Efficiency


The LowN Sires® team have a lower breeding value for Milk Urea Nitrogen, compared to the average bull.

LowN Sires® strives to help farmers reduce their environmental impact.

Exclusive from CRV

Our LowN Sires® team is predominantly selected for their low Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN) breeding value, but also incorporates Live Weight, Milk Volume, Milk Fat, Protein Fertility and Longevity as key drivers for environmental efficiency, making them the ideal all-round team.

Exclusively from CRV, using LowN Sires® in your breeding programme is an environmentally-friendly way to help decrease Milk Urea Nitrogen.

Look for the LowN icon in our catalogue.

LowN icon
“We’re trying to build a herd that suits this farm, and works with the environment and this catchment."
Steve and Paula Holdem, Mamaku, Rotorua.

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