Facial Eczema Tolerance

Facial Eczema Tolerance

Avoid the hidden thief of milk production

  • Exclusive to CRV
  • Increase herd's tolerance to FE
  • Improved production

Exclusive from CRV

Genetic tolerance offers the best protection against Facial Eczema (FE). Increased tolerance to FE challenges results in healthier cows and improved production.

Exclusively from CRV, using FE tolerant sires in your breeding programme is an environmentally friendly and safe way to help increase your herds’ tolerance to FE challenges, resulting in healthier cows and improved production.

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Genetic tolerance offers the best protection against Facial Eczema (FE).

"We use CRV’s FE Tolerant Sires because we wanted a new way to manage Facial Eczema (FE) on our farm. When our herd was hit hard by FE in 2020, not one of our R3 heifers, sired by CRV’s FE Tolerant bulls, were affected.

With more than 25 clinical FE cases in our herd, and many more subclinical, the fact our FE Tolerant R3s were unaffected proved the value of using CRV’s FE Tolerant Sires.

Our R3s had grazed the same pasture and had drunk the same water with zinc additive, but not one of them got FE. This breeding season we won’t be using anything else."

Rob Horne
Polybank Farms, Reporoa.

Better Herd Podcast: Facial Eczema

Podcast: Facial Eczema

In this episode, CRV’s Mitchell Koot is joined by CRV head geneticist Phil Beatson and VetEnt vet and research head, Emma Cuttance. Listen as they discuss why FE is such a concern for our dairy industry, and the short and longer term options available to manage it.
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Avoid lost milk production

Decreased milk production caused by FE
Source: https://dairynz.shinyapps.io/fe-cost-calculator/

According to a recent study led by Veterinary Enterprises Group (VetEnt) Research, facial eczema could be costing dairy farmers more than $100,000 a year in lost milk production. Not only is the disease costly in dollar terms, but it is also devastating for animal health.

Cows resulting from our FE tolerant sires will typically have:

  • Improved tolerance to FE spores
  • Improved production

*Sourced from www.AgResearch.co.nz as at Feb 2015

“[FE] can go under the radar smashing production and causing problems to the animals that are eating this toxin.”
VetEnt vet and research head, Emma Cuttance

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