• Progeny Testing

    Podcast: CRV’s Progeny Test (PT) farmers are the first to enjoy the genetic gains of superior sires. CRV Ambreed runs an industry-leading PT programme, which develops the next generation of elite dairy sires. PT compares the performance of sires through their offspring. In this episode, Sheryl Haitana chats with our PT programme manager, Janine Broekhuizen and breeding programme manager Aaron Parker. Listen to find out what’s involved with being a PT farmer and if our programme is right for you.
  • Global Sires

    Podcast: In this episode, we talk about global genetics, their suitability for NZ farming systems and the benefits for NZ farmers of using CRV’s global sires offering. Joining the discussion is farmer Abe De Wolde from Woldwide Farm Limited in Southland, who uses CRV’s global sires. CRV Ambreed’s product manager Oceania Peter van Elzakker dials in from his home office. And from the other side of the world, we welcome Jaap Veldhuisen who heads up CRV’s breeding team in the Netherlands.
  • How Body Condition Influences Reproductive Performance

    Podcast: Dairy cow fertility underpins the viability and productivity of every dairy business. So how do you determine the key management areas to focus on in order to maximise your herd’s reproductive performance? Sheryl Haitana chats with senior research scientist Jane Kay from DairyNZ about how body condition at a herd level influences reproductive performance. Find out why hitting body condition score targets is important, what strategies farmers can use to get every cow close to her ideal BCS at calving, and the tools available to help.
  • Angus Haslett – Taking The Reins At CRV global

    Podcast: CRV Ambreed managing director Angus Haslett has officially taken over the reins as CEO of CRV’s global artificial breeding business. He is the company’s first ever international CEO. Angus has succeeded Roald van Noort, who successfully led the company for over 12 years. Angus will continue to be based in New Zealand until travel restrictions allow him to relocate to Holland. CRV is a cooperative. About 25,000 dairy and beef farmers in the Netherlands and Flanders are members and have influence on CRV’s policy through the co-operative’s advisory bodies and member committees. In this episode, Angus joins Sheryl Haitana from his home office to talk about his tenure with CRV Ambreed, the benefits of the Dutch-Kiwi relationship for NZ farmers, and his views on where the industry is heading in the next 10 years.
  • Herd Solutions Catalogue

    Podcast: Listen to find out more about CRV’s latest bull portfolio, the standout sires for the coming season, and industry trends that have influenced CRV’s breeding offer to farmers. For more information, check out the catalogue online or read our latest news
  • Lets Talk Animal Evaluation

    Podcast: Sheryl Haitana talks to CRV’s Jon Lee and NZAEL’s Brian Wickham about the new genetic evaluation system for dairy cattle and what the changes mean for farmers.