• Double Win for CRV Sires

    Two CRV bulls have been selected by breeding societies as the top Holstein Friesian and Jersey sires in the country for 2021.
  • Driving Genetic Gains Using Sorted Semen

    Podcast: Breeding for increased numbers of heifers has become popular for dairy farmers wanting more from their top cows. An increasing number of farmers are considering sorted semen as a tool to get more from their herd improvement programme, getting replacement heifers from high genetic merit heifers and top producing cows. There are also significant benefits for farmers in using sorted semen to reduce their number of bobby calves and potentially have easier calvings for heifers. Decisions based on animal welfare outcomes is becoming an increasingly important consideration. Rosanna talks about the ins and outs of sexed semen with Marleen Broekhuijse from CRV HQ in The Netherlands and Canterbury dairy farmer Ian Hopping.
  • The Latest on Animal Evaluation 2021

    Podcast: NZAEL manager Brian Wickham gives us an update on the new animal evaluation system in 2021 and what dairy farmers can expect over the coming months. We discuss the automatic transfer of data from your herd recording service provider to NZAEL. We talk about NZAEL’s new model for fertility evaluation and other traits being reviewed. Lastly, Brian talks about NZAEL’s efforts to ensure data quality, its work with breeding societies and the National Breeding Objective review.
  • 2021 Herd Solutions Catalogue

    Podcast: CRV’s latest bull team offers more than just high index. The 2021 line-up responds to farmer demand for genetic solutions to tackle challenges around the environment, herd efficiency and animal welfare. CRV has introduced a wide range of new sires to its portfolio for 2021, with 22 newly graduated sires and 15 new genomic InSires, in addition to 13 new sires in its global portfolio. Rosana chats to our Product Development and Product Manager Peter van Elzakker to find out more.
  • Dairy Women's Network Conference

    Podcast: CRV is proud to be an event sponsor and supporting dairying women across the country with The Dairy Women’s Network (DWN). Rosanna Dickson is joined by DWN Chair and Atiamuri dairy farmer Karen Forlong to chat about some of the challenges she believes we face as an industry and what conference delegates can expect. Together with Allflex, the DWN 2021 conference brings networking and professional development opportunities to the regions. With an impressive line-up of speakers and workshops, the conferences are shaping up to be fun, informative and entertaining.