Short Gestation

Short Gestation

More days in milk

  • Shorten calving period
  • Dairy and Beef sires
  • Greater value offspring

Short Gestation

Are you looking for Short gestation?

CRV offers short gestation (SG) length dairy and beef to create greater value offspring and to give your cows more days in milk. That means more milk in the vat, more money in your pocket and a valuable AB calf too.

As with all traits, the mating will result in half of the sires BV transferred, so when looking at a sire's Gestation length breeding values eg (-5) you will experience half (-2.5) for the number of days reduced for your mating.

Short Gestation Dairy

Short Gestation Dairy is a good option if you need more replacements from your tail-end cows.

Short Gestation Dairy is available in Holstein Friesian, Jersey and Crossbred. Look for the SG icon in our catalogue.

Short Gestation Dairy Icon

Dairy Beef

Breed beef-cross calves that you can sell to the beef market. The gestation length of beef breeds is on average four to five days longer than dairy sires. However, Short Gestation Hereford and Angus brings the calving date in line with dairy sires.

CRV belgian blue calves
Pair of Belgian Blue claves

Interested in Short Gestation Sires?

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