Ear Tag Regulations

    Ear Tag Regulations

    All cattle and deer must be tagged with a NAIT approved RFID tag and registered in the NAIT online system within 180 days of birth or before they move off farm, whichever comes first.

    Once NAIT animals are tagged, animal registration must be completed within 7 days, or before their first off farm movement, whichever comes first.

    NAIT tags cannot be removed without permission from NAIT.

    NAIT tags cannot be reused for any reason.

    NAIT animals cannot move to a different NAIT location without a NAIT tag.

    When tagging NAIT animals, we recommend that you follow the tag manufacturer’s instructions for maximum tag retention.

    NAIT approved RFID Tags

    A NAIT approved RFID tag is the device used to identify an individual animal under the NAIT scheme.

    Each NAIT RFID tag contains a microchip with a 15-digit RFID number that is globally unique and can be read by a RFID scanner. The RFID number is linked to a visual identification number that is printed on the tag.

    Each tag number is used to register and identify a unique animal in the NAIT online system allowing each animal to be traced throughout its lifetime through the recording of NAIT movements by registered persons in charge of animals (PICAs).

    Tag Removal Requests

    It is an offence under the NAIT Act to remove a NAIT tag without permission from NAIT Limited.

    Any PICA that needs to remove or replace a NAIT RFID tag from a NAIT animal, must first contact NAIT to request authorisation on 0800 482 463 or email

    It is an offence to alter or reuse a NAIT tag under any circumstances.

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    Linking tags with your herd recording software

    myHERD Herd Recording users

    • myHERD users must ensure they have selected FarmIQ as their information provider on their NAIT account
    • Do this via phone or visit the website
    • When you purchase from CRV your tag EID files will be uploaded into myHERD automatically.
    • Access the tags from the tag cupboard and allocate to an animal

    Non CRV Herd Recording Users

    • EID files need to be imported to your herd recording software
    • Request the EID Tag File to be emailed to you, or upload from your tag supplier
    • Follow the instructions of your herd recording provider to upload the file.
    Better Herd Podcast

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    New legislation around the use of NAIT tags is being introduced. OSPRI manages the NAIT programme on behalf of our primary industries and the Government. In this episode, Rosanna Dickson is joined by OSPRI’s Kevin Forward to discuss the changes and what they mean for farmers. She also chats to Nicholas Crosse from FarmIQ about the process for registering tags with NAIT for farmers herd recording with myHERD.
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