About myDNA

myDNA Testing

Future proof your business

  • Make better breeding decisions
  • Predict future performance
  • Prevent mismothering

Increase the value of your herd data

By DNA testing with CRV, you are one step closer to adding value to your business.

With one sample, myDNA allows you test your cows for:

  • Parentage
  • Polled
  • A2
  • BVD
  • Genomic breeding values

With myDNA, you can confidently select your best replacement animals, allocate sexed semen to genetically superior cows, and increase the rate of genetic gain in your herd. DNA also makes calving much easier by matching calves back to dams - no need to mother calves in the paddocks, saving time and money.

The world we farm in continues to change but myDNA can help provide certainty when it comes to your herd and give you confidence in your decisions. With CRV you will only need to test once to unlock your animals information.