myHERD FAQs - Platform Update

FAQ's - myHERD Platform Update

    myHERD FAQs - Platform Update

    If myHERD is down during migration but something happens on farm that I need to record, what do I do?

    Please record the event on paper and enter into myHERD once it is back online.

    How do I stay NAIT compliant while myHERD is down if animals move on or off farm?

    Please log onto NAIT and record any movements on or off farms directly into NAIT

    Will the call centre still be available while myHERD is down?

    There will still be people answering your calls during this period but they may not be the myHERD team. If this is the case, they may just take the details and a myHERD team member will call you back.

    Will the App version we are currently on be the same after migration?

    No, there will be an updated version available.

    Will anything be changing as a direct affect of this migration?

    myHERD will no longer be directly connected with other FarmIQ products ie. Dairy Enterprise. You will need to log into myHERD and Dairy Enterprise separately.

    If I have entered data into the mobile app a few minutes before migration and it is still in pending when myHERD goes down, will my data be safe?

    Closer to the time we will be able to give the actual dates myHERD will be down. You will need to ensure that any events are entered into the App and synced well before myHERD goes down.

    Is my NAIT information still going to flow to NAIT after migration?

    Yes. CRV will take over the responsibility from FarmIQ of sending your NAIT transactions from myHERD to NAIT. You will need to ensure that CRV is added as your information provider in NAIT for this to be actioned successfully.

    Will my username and password remain the same?


    If I need to sell animals during the down time, how can I get the animal data released for the purchaser?

    If the purchaser cannot wait until myHERD is back online, please call the myHERD team.

    How will this affect my integration with DTS and/or Cow Manager?

    Integration with third parties will not be affected and will continue as normal after migration.

    Will my events be safe if I enter them into an integrated third party while myHERD is down?

    This will only affect DTS customers. DTS will store the data and send it once myHERD is live again.

    Are myHERD charges going to change due to migration?

    There will be no change to the myHERD charges due to migration.