How Body Condition Influences Reproductive Performance

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Podcast: Dairy cow fertility underpins the viability and productivity of every dairy business. So how do you determine the key management areas to focus on in order to maximise your herd’s reproductive performance?

Sheryl Haitana chats with senior research scientist Jane Kay from DairyNZ about how body condition at a herd level influences reproductive performance.

Find out why hitting body condition score targets is important, what strategies farmers can use to get every cow close to her ideal BCS at calving, and the tools available to help.

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About The Panel

Jane Kay

Jane Kay, Senior Scientist, New systems and competitiveness, DairyNZ

Jane Kay is a research scientist at DairyNZ with 20 years’ experience in the NZ dairy sector. She gained her PhD in dairy cow nutrition and physiology from the University of Arizona, USA. Since then her research has focussed on milk composition, lactation management (e.g. once-a-day milking and extended lactations) and nutrition.

She has developed, and regularly delivers, FeedRight: an evidence-based training programme for rural advisors and farmers on profitable and sustainable feed management for pasture-based systems. Currently she is leading the GHG mitigation research programme at DairyNZ, that has both an animal and farm systems focus.

Sheryl Haitana

Sheryl Haitana, Dairy Exporter

Sheryl Haitana is the Deputy Editor for the NZ Dairy Exporter magazine and the journalist for the Waikato and Bay of Plenty Regions.

Sheryl has a strong background in agricultural and mainstream journalism and has written for the Dairy Exporter for the last eight years.

Originally from a dairy farm in the Waikato, Sheryl has a natural passion for the dairy industry. She enjoys connecting with farmers and the wider industry to bring the latest information and stories to light.

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