secure high return on dairy beef

  • Diversify your business
  • Boost your income
  • Less bobby calves

Add value to your business and get involved in the growing Wagyu beef market.

As the exclusive supplier of NZ Wagyu Corporation’s Black Origin Wagyu semen straws, CRV is offering you the opportunity to secure a premium price to breed Wagyu-cross calves.

Purchase of Black Wagyu semen straws from CRV includes an agreement to supply.

Black Origin Wagyu offers premium wagyu beef that is in demand offshore, including Japan. This supports a premium contracted price that can be sustained in the long-term.

NZ Wagyu is targeting Friesian-cross cows (F12+) to provide quality Wagyu beef to meet the expectations of its export market.

This is an exclusive offer – get in quick to secure your contract today.

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Are you interested in Black Origins Wagyu Semen or would like to know more information? Find a Field Consultant in your region or request more information.
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How does it work?

  • Contact CRV field consultant – you’ll receive advice and information on next steps.
  • Select the type of contract: calf supply, rearer, grower or backgrounder.
  • Work with a CRV field consultant on a breeding plan including selection of cows for breeding Wagyu.
  • Buy the Black Origin Wagyu straws to use with your AI programme.
  • Notify NZ Wagyu of expected pregnancies.
  • Calves picked up by NZ Wagyu.
  • Payment: within 14 days of NZ Wagyu receiving an invoice after pickup.
CRV Wagyu contracts available

We are proud to be working with NZ Wagyu as its exclusive Black origin Wagyu breeding partner

“Our collaboration means NZ Wagyu can provide its customers with security of supply."
James Smallwood, CRV's Managing Director

Wagyu Webinar

Watch this webinar to find out more about the ins and outs of our wagyu contracts.

Speakers include:

- Upper North Island Sales Manager. Rosanna Dickson, Facilitates the session.

- Scott Cochrane, Western Southland dairy farmer with 350 Holstein Friesians. Scott will share his experience of breeding and grazing Wagyu.

- NZ Wagyu director Arato Tsujino, who will talk about the growing Wagyu market and the significance of an agreement with one of the largest meat companies in Japan to market NZ Wagyu's Black Origin Wagyu as Washu (which means Wagyu-ish).

- CRV product development manager Peter van Elzakker, who will provide details on the process for breeding Wagyu and the opportunity for farmers in this growing market.

About the process

Are Wagyu-cross going to cause issues at calving?

Black Origin have worked with NZ farmers who have calved Wagyu-cross animals over the last few seasons without issues. Wagyu calves are known for their easy calving and are generally smaller than Friesians.

What type of cows are you wanting to breed with? How will this be monitored?

NZ Wagyu is specifically targeting Friesian-cross (F12+) to meet the expectations of its export market. The CRV field team can help with identification of the right cows for semen to be used on.

What is the gestation length?

Wagyu-cross calves could be up to five days longer than your average dairy calf. Your CRV field consultant can help you address this in your breeding plan.

What are the date ranges for supply of calves?

Calves will be collected up until 10th October.

About NZ Wagyu

Why has NZ Wagyu and CRV formed a partnership?

Wagyu NZ has built the demand for their product Black Origin Wagyu and are now working on guaranteeing supply. The partnership takes care of the beginning of the supply chain with CRV working with farmers to ensure they have access to good quality product and support.

What sets NZ Wagyu apart?

Black Origin is marketed to Japan, the home of Wagyu and where a premium product is sought. NZ Wagyu provides that by targeting Friesian-cross (F12+) cows and finishing the animals on grain. NZ Wagyu own three finishing farms.

What benefits does the Wagyu beef offer farmers compared to other beef breeds?

Premium product in demand offshore. This supports a premium contracted price paid to farmers that can be sustained in the longer term.

Who is Black Origin Wagyu?

Black Origin Wagyu started in 2015 and have sold in Japan since 2018. There is an agreement with the chairman of the Hyogo Beef Association (home of the Kobe Beef, the king of Wagyu beef) and one of the largest meat companies in Japan to market the product as ‘Washu’ (Washu meaning Wagyu-ish).

This is a big deal as Wagyu are culturally significant to the Japanese. Wagyu means “Japanese Cattle”. For example, even 100% Wagyu from Australia is marketed as “Australian Beef”.

In New Zealand Black Origin is sold to high-end restaurants, supermarkets, wholesalers, BBQ Pitmasters, butcheries, and direct sales. The international market includes China, Japan, Middle East, Singapore and South East Asian countries.

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