Identify multiple heats

  • Alerts multiple heats
  • Alerts silent heats
  • Easy to use

Dial up the heat

FlashMate uses touch sensing to identify when cows are optimal for AI. They only detect cow-to-cow contact and are optimised to give the best results in NZ with once daily AI.

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How they work

FlashMate monitors heat behaviour 24/7 looking for activity correlated with true heat. FlashMate® excels at identifying difficult-to-spot or `silent heat’. Expect extra submissions. Each touch-sensitive device uses smart algorithms, comparing cow-to-cow contact with known heat patterns to alert heat. FlashMate® alerts any future heats should insemination or pregnancy fail. Consult your Vet if no heat is observed after 25 days of breeding.

"They're awesome! How many people can pick up a silent heat? These things can!"
Petra Burgess, Waikato

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